Welcome to Victory Kitchen

Victory Temple's Soup Kitchen's (Victory Kitchen's) mission is to be the helping hands for the lost and hurting people in the community, keeping the focus uncluttered, pure and simple.

Victory Temple's Soup Kitchen's mission is based on Psalms 41:1-3..."Blessed is he that considers the poor....".

Rev. Lonnie R. Walters


  Greetings Dear friends,

   Much has changed in the twenty some years since God let us to open the doors at Victory Kitchen... back then many folks were not yet using the internet, the cell phone was just beginning to be used by the general public, and New York City's World Trade Center's twin towers were still standing. This is the time to vote for us to continue to be able:                                           

                                                  - To serve with gladness

                                                  - To reach our community spiritually

                                                  - To fulfill our mission of feeding the hungry.

    Our mission has remained and continue to remain utterly, totally irrevocably unchanged and unchanging. Our mission was / is / and will continue to be bo feed the poor both physically and spiritually. We've made several cutbacks including laying off our dishwasher and our secretary (who - by the way continue to serve on a voluntary basis) to help keep our doors open. We continue to be committed to provide oiur services solely on your donations ... without any government funds.

    This is an election year for our country and we at Victory Kitchen VOTE unanimously for the unchanging Word of God that has the power to change lives and for the opporunity to continue to serve the needy in our community. Yes, changes have been somewhat overwhelming in the twenty years since God led us to open the doors at Victory Kitchen and the needs are even greater today.

     We praise God for everyone who has supported our mission with prayers, services, and donations of both finances and products. We need your VOTE - by continuing to donate both with your prayers and giving - so the less fortunate in our community can continue to depend on Victory Kitchen for their spiritual and physical food ... that they are so in need of in today's economy.

     With monetary and product donations down due to our recessed economy, while the number of those in our community in need continues to increase and will increase even more with the coming of the winter months; we are standing in faith that the finances and food will come in to allow us to continue to meet these needs.

         We praise God for everyone who has supported Victory Kitchen in prayers, services , and donations of both finances and products. We appreciate you, love you, and thank you so much for helping us fulfill our mission of serving the needy in our community for these twenty some years.

       Please VOTE for us to be able to contine these by continuing to support our financial and product needs.

                          Your Servant at Victory Kitchen,

                                      Rev. Lonnie R. Walters

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Hours of Operation 

Monday thru Friday

9am - 3pm

 Breakfast is served from 9am to 11am and lunch is served from 12 to 3pm. It is our goal to ensure that no one goes hungry in Sandusky, Ohio.